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By Teguh Suprijanto

This article dedicate to the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan, In order to welcome the 26 – 27/06 «World Conference on Tourism & Future Energy», at Astana Expo 2017, Kazakhstan who knows there would be benefits of it.

Apple has long been known as a dietary fiber source, can lower cholesterol, prevent cancer and help digestion. There is the term «an apple a day keeps the doctor away». The scientific name of the apple tree in Latin is Malus domestica, a modern apple. The apple known today (modern apple) is a hybrid derived from wild apple / jungle apple, Malus sylvestris. Apples belongs to Spermatophyta division, Magnoliopsida class, and Rosaceae family. According to The World Book Encyclopedia apple has been a favorite fruit since centuries ago. Archaeologists investigating the ruins of a European village in the stone age found evidence that the apple had been consumed by that time. The discovery of apple fossils in an ancient lake in Switzerland is often used as a benchmark, apples have been known since centuries ago. So it was with the Roman soldiers. Thanks to the Roman invasion to various countries, apple crops can be spread throughout Europe. From Europe the apple goes to America brought by the colonists.

There is an alleged apple was first planted in the southern Caucasus. The forecast comes as forests in ancient forests in the area are found in large numbers of wild apple trees. From there the tree then spread through the Caspian sea to Europe. The fossilized remains are found on a lake in Switzerland. The tree then spread to mainland Greater East Asia after Genghis Khan’s army invaded Europe.

However, based on his search, some historians say that apples come from the southwestern region of Asia. Another expert revealed that the original apple from Kazakhstan in central Asia. So many versions until finally, until now there has been no agreement about the area that was first overgrown with apple trees.

The history of the apple turns out to be as old as the history of mankind.

This seductive red fruit made Adam and Eve evicted from the Garden of Eden. Greek mythology also records that apples are the cause of the Trojan war. It is said that Paris ignited the jealousy of the gods by offering an apple to the goddess of love Aphrodite, so that there was a famous Trojan war. Apple also inspires a number of famous people in the world. Sir Isaac Newton discovered the theory of gravity after seeing an apple fall from its tree. Steve Jobs chose apples as a famous computer brand in the world.

Almaty, the largest city and the old capital of Kazakhstan, derives its name from the Kazakh word for «apples» (алма), and is often translated as «full of apples» (the area around Almaty is home to the forests of Malus sieversii and also Malus silvestris); Alma is also the name for apples in Turkish and Hungarian. The name of the city in the era of the Soviet Union, Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan means «Father of the Apples».

If in its origin climate, temperate / Subtropical, apples can only be harvested once a year, in Indonesia can be harvested twice, even throughout the year. The reason is that in the cold climates the leaves of apples fall in the fall and «sleep» / dormant in the winter season, so practically during the winter the apple trees are unfruitful.

This is actually the natural event necessary to break the dormancy period. In Indonesia, which has no autumn (tropis climate), the dormancy period is solved by the technique of pruning. The leaves of the apple plant are taken away, similar to the condition of the plant during the fall in the Four Seasons Country / Subtropics. This technique is because the creativity and exploration of farmers in Indonesia, especially apple farmers in the area of Batu, Nongko Jajar, and Ponco Kusumo, East Java, which is pioneer of apple cultivation techniques in Indonesia. Although the number of apple cultivars is more than 2000, but the most famous are few. Some varieties that can be found in Batu, Nongko Jajar, and Ponco Kusumo, among others manalagi, rome beauty, jonathan (anna), wangling, princess noble, mc.intoch, and fuji.

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