Recommendations on Accesible Tourism

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Travel and tourism has become the world’s largest and fastest growing industry, and its growth shows a consistent year to year increase. With 1 billion international travellers in 2012, countries are increasingly developing tourism as part of their national development strategies as an effective driver of economic growth and inclusive development, creating jobs and wellbeing for communities.

The provision of safe, convenient and economical transport and other tourism-related infrastructure is a key factor for the success of tourism. Infrastructure that does not cater adequately for the needs of people with disabilities, including infants and the elderly, excludes many destinations from this promising market. However, due to the way our surroundings, transport systems and services are designed, people with disabilities and people experiencing problems regarding mobility or access to information are often unable to enjoy the same freedom to travel as other citizens.

The number of accessibility problems is legion, and visitors may be affected in every part of the route, either in terms of access to information, local transport, accommodation, visits and/or participation in cultural or sporting events, whether as spectators or participants.

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