Beautiful Nature Of Kosovo



centro d’Arte Ibrahim Kodra, Melide, Switzerland

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Ibrahim Kodra Swiss Foundation

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Cultural values, diversity and heritage

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Promotion of cultural education about heritage and nature

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Photo exhibition «Natural beauties of Kosovo»

From December 14, 2017 to January 14, 2018

Inauguration December 14 AT 6 PM

at the centro d’Arte Ibrahim Kodra

Via Cantonale 3, Melide


The Ibrahim Kodra Swiss Foundation has the pleasure to inaugurate a photo exhibition regarding the natural beauties of Kosovo at the Centro d’Arte Ibrahim Kodra in Melide.

This project is dedicated to 2017, which has been declared the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development by the 70th United Nations General Assembly.

The event contributes to the strengthening and to the diffusion of social and cultural’s  relations between Switzerland and Kosovo.

Tourism has become an important catalyst of positive transformation that can contribute to sustainable development in economy, sociality and ambient, especially in ethic and ecologic. It can bring a major contribution to the protection of biodiversity, for example by promoting the rational use of natural resources. Tourism can also strengthen peace by supporting understanding among peoples, raising awareness of the rich heritage of different cultures and inviting everyone to appreciate their own values.

Nature is a common heritage with its rich diversity and it needs to be preserved. The diversity of our world unites us.

Through the etical and cultural tourism, following the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism (GCET), we can contribuite to the develop by supporting locally-made handcrafts and products, respecting human rights, especially rights of women, children and olders.

During our travels we can leand about different culture, history, dress, tradition, architecture, religion, communication codes, music, art and cuisine. We can help to sensibilize about these important aspects by our photos and sharing our positive experience.

In the exhibition, at the beautiful Centro d’Arte of the Swiss Foundation  Kodra in Melide, will be exposed the photographs of the natural beauties of Kosovo realized by the international photographers and participants of the national photographic contest in Kosovo: Aleksandra Hiltmann, Arben Islami, Erza Rudi, Jeta Abazi Gashi, Maria Pacolli, Marieke Lebet-Booij, Shkelzen Rexha, Yllka Fetahaj, Agon Nimani, Arian Mavriqi, Armend Nimani, Bleron Caka, Dea Lajqi, Sehida Miftari.

The initiative will acquire the support from Ibrahim Kodra Swiss Foundation, Municipality of Melide, Embassy of Switzerland in Kosovo and National Museum of Kosovo.

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Ibrahim Kodra Swiss Foundation

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