Cultural reinvention as a tool of the sustainable tourism



Queswachaka Bridge, Peru

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Patronato de Cultura Machupicchu

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Specific site/destination

Q'eswachaka Bridge


Cultural values, diversity and heritage

Lines of actions

Capacity building

Type of activity

Development/adjustments of policies, strategies and practices (governments and companies) to enhance the role of sustainable tourism for development

Estimated outreach/impact of your activity


Any other information on estimated impact

Our project put the bridge in the National and International agenda.

Target group

General public

After nine years of efforts finally the inca hanging bridge of Q’eswachaka is part of the Unesco List, now our purpose is to developed a sustainable initiative, with the rural communities at the district of Quehue, where we are working the “Casa Habitante Q’eswachaka” project, Rural Tourism, as is the wish of the communities. The last year we offered 40 rooms for all the visitors in the houses of 10 families close to the bridge; this year we are building with the help of Banbif ten new houses with ten families to support at least 50 more clients. We are teaching them also cooking lessons so they can be able to prepare simple meals for the guests.
As a result of measurement, there are already some young professionals, children of the people in the district that are involved with their parents in this project. We took them also to another areas of Cusco and Puno (Peru) to show them how rural people are doing efforts to be part of the Tourism activity in Peru.
They are really interested to get Q’eswachaka as a real Rural Destiny.

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