Film-Induced Tourism: Environmental and Cultural Sustainability



NH Pontevecchio Hotel, Lecco, Italy

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Lecco Film Commission to Lecco / Lombardia Film Commission

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Policy making

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Events, meetings and conferences

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100 people

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General public, Specific groups (e.g. Youth, Women and disadvantaged groups), Private sector, Governmental bodies, International bodies, Academia

Empirical research shows that films are one of the best tools for promoting a tourism destination, since they involve different situations and stages that go from the rejuvenation of well-known destinations to the promotion of lesser-known areas. But how can film-induced tourism be sustainable? Since 2009, Lecco Film-Commission (a nonprofit organization in the Lake Como area, Italy) works to promote Lecco and its attractions through the lens of movies and TV series, acting as a bridge between the local community, the movie productions, the local institutions, and the local tourism-related businesses.

Following the guidelines of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, Lecco/Lombardia Film Commission is planning an event for December 22, 2017, titled “Film-Induced Tourism: Environmental and Cultural Sustainability.” At the event, members of Lecco/Lombardia Film Commission together with political institutions and members of the local community, will reflect on how film-induced tourism can be sustainable.

The initiative will focus on the concepts of environmental and cultural sustainability. The Lecco area is famous for its natural landscape, especially the lake and the mountains. During the event, members of Lecco/Lombardia Film Commission will explain the importance of respecting the environment while hosting a movie production and when tourists visit those attractions. Furthermore, the speakers will pay attention to cultural sustainability. Touching on concepts such as collective memory and cultural heritage, presenters will highlight the importance of the local culture in tourism planning processes. Speakers will try to answer the question: How can we have culturally sustainable film-induced tourism policies?

The final part of the event will be dedicated to the idea of planning a film-driven sustainable tourism system in the Lecco area. Participants will try to find the best practices to improve the dialog among Lecco’s tourism stakeholders, especially considering the needs of the local community.

When: December 22, 2017-10.30am
Where: NH Pontevecchio Hotel, Lecco (Italy)
Info: Marta Soligo,

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