Opening of the IY in Chile


2017-03-22 09:30 - 11:30


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Opening of the IY in Chile / Inauguración Año Turismo Sustentable Para el Desarrollo

The idea is to gather all our members and industry related people to celebrate this IY2017. To raise awareness and to show the best practices of companies that have earned our sustainable award or any international. We are still working on the preparation of the event.

As previously reported, as this is the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, FEDETUR would like  to be a relevant player in promoting sustainability practices. Therefore our event will feature organizations representing the five sustainable values ​​promoted by the United Nations. E.g. Fundación  Artesanías Chile, representing fair trade, Atton Hotels, a Chilean hotel chain that has certified all its hotels in the country. Moreover, the Public Good project «Come Chile» that seeks sustainable development and the ChileanGastronomy Heritage will be launched.

Organization´s details and preparation of the event:


FEDETUR´s Presidente: Opening

Undersecretary of Tourism

Hotel Atton: General Manager

Tour Operator certified (To be confirmed)

Smartrip (To be confirmed)

President Transforma Tourism Program

Come Chile: Presentation of the patrimonial rescue project of our gastronomy

Fundación Artesanías Chile (Handicrafts Chile): Communications Manager

Sustainable tourism destination (To be confirmed)


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