Publication Tourism in Actions: 20 Examples of Social Policies and Programmes around the World




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International Social Tourism Organisation (ISTO)

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Social inclusiveness, employment and poverty reduction

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The International Social Tourism Organisation (ITSTO) brings together many public and private organisations who are the origin of many programmes or schemes enabling a greater number of people to go on holiday or, more generally, to gain access to tourism.

While we can classify this as part of what we call «social tourism policies», it is also clear that these mechanisms are very important drivers for the development of domestic tourism in many countries.

This report, published on the occasion of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development (IY 2017), aims to present 20 examples of these programmes or schemes, which have proven their worth in 17 countries around the world, benefiting large numbers of people as well as the local economy, contributing to the training of stakeholders and increasing the quality of supply.

While this list is of course not comprehensive, it nonetheless paints an eloquent picture of how, today, in 2017, the political will of certain governments or local authorities, as well as the dynamism of civil society, through social stakeholders or associations, can be used to widen access to tourism.

The publication exists in French and English

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