Quito awareness day: The role of the person with disabilities on Sustainable Tourism



San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador

Organized By

Red de Turismo Accesible – Ecuador

Type of institution

Private Sector



Specific site/destination

San Francisco de Quito


Cultural values, diversity and heritage

Lines of actions

Knowledge creation and dissemination

Type of activity

Events, meetings and conferences

Type of activity other

Local awareness day

Estimated outreach/impact of your activity

To raise the awareness of the public about the role of the person with disabilities in the sustainability of tourism, and generate a meeting space and debate on how to promote universal accessibility as an element of sustainable tourism development.

Any other information on estimated impact

To reach about 100 people taking care about disability in the tourism sector.

Target group

General public

We are going to carry out this day with the purpose of contributing to the national and local tourist development with the information, awareness, knowledge, and training of all and all citizens for a better attention as hosts of our visitors as tourists and to maintain the leadership of a city Accessible and sustainable in a fully integrated environment through local tourism activities in general and the primary basis of local economic and social development.

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