A Cultural Hotel, a Community Haven

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«I always say that the sector that I work for is all about service – to the client, the staff or the customer. And it is important. I explain it in a very easy way – we are here to make people happy. Happy people will come back and give more jobs, give more opportunities, and open other things to us».

I am from the area of Islita. I have been working for the hotel Punta Islita for 14 years already. I grew up in a nearby town called San Francisco; it’s only 25 km from here. It’s a very simple town, like any other town in the area. I was born there and I was raised there, however I went to school to another town because the school there was very basic. When I was young my family encouraged me to go to a better school so I could get better prepared.

I never thought about working in a hotel but tourism gave me an opportunity.

Here in my job, there are a lot of challenges. The main challenge is to make the employees and the guests happy. And so we always raise the occupancy – we give more authentic experiences to our guests every day. So, that is our challenge – to keep people happy every day, and to translate it to different things.

The hotel offers a lot of opportunities. Then it depends a lot on us, if we take them or we don’t. I was one of those persons that always wanted to grow in the company, and get more opportunities, visit different places and get more knowledge of things. So it was very nice that this sector has offered me the opportunity to grow, not only as a human being, but also as a professional.

Alonso Bermúdez Paniagua, Costa Rica

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