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The people of Flores Island, Ngada province in Indonesia, has a great story of remote community action for a better future that must be shared. The communities of the island have built a development model based on autonomy, solidarity and local entrepreneurship. The program is called Otonomi. This great initiative was born 15 years ago, with the help of Gilles Raymond, a Quebecer living in Flores since 2000. The program allowed collaboration between families in Flores and around the world. Those partnerships are mainly built on mutual trust. The foreign families loaned small amounts of money to the families of Flores to give them the opportunity to increase their autonomy through their sustainable development.

Following a mission in Indonesia and after a meeting between the villagers, Gilles Raymond and Charles Mony, founder of Village Monde, the latter has seen the huge potential and creative energy of the multiple villages around Flores Island. With its exceptional natural environment and the legendary warmth of its citizens, it was intuitive for Village Monde to join the Otonomi program’s team to develop a network of worldwide village accommodations. Those accommodations aim to be a development lever and create a bridge between two worlds. Otonomi’s initiative takes place in a unique location and will be managed by the villagers, thus helping them improve their quality of life. The first lodge ready to host visitors is being built in the village of Wolokoro. It is called Campung Dunia which means Village Monde in Indonesian language. The initiative is part of village tourism as an alternative way of traveling with fairer practices that respect local cultures and environment.

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