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“The people living in the village and the neighbourhood were extremely excited by the idea of drawing their settlement on the tourism map of the country, and started to study tourism. As supplementary service providers, some of them built accommodation (hotel, apartments, camping), others opened restaurants or shops around it.”

Warm and devoted hospitality was something my mother and my family taught me. The love for pleasant, peaceful and emotional togetherness with kind people, as well as the mission for improving the life and the environment of our community was the most valuable heritage I received from my parents.

One day we started refurbishment works in the public utilities of a very little village, the name of which is difficult not only to pronounce but also to remember even for the Hungarian people. It’s called Kehidakustány. At that time, this tiny settlement was a poor, sleepy place whose inhabitants worked in the fields. This village had an old, out-of date thermal medical bath with special curing water inside: very hot sulphurous hydrogen carbonated water for rheumatic and muscular disorders, gynaecological diseases and skin ailments.

The picture of the village changed completely. More and more inhabitants became our employees, while others established their own entrepreneurships and started to work in the field of tourism. After the long run, one day I stopped and I looked around. I felt astonishingly happy to see how beautiful this little village has become, to see how the complete economy of this community changed.

 Tihamér Horváth, Hungary

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