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“The Mozif has revived as a place to see, and has become one of the greatest tourism destinations our country has to offer. Mozif is listed as a national site. We are happy that we introduced it. It is because of Mozif that I am a tour guide.”

The type of structure called Mozif dates back to Sumerian age. Unfortunately, this is the last exact construction. It was destroyed thirty years ago. For the past eight years we have thought of rebuilding it. It was built by residents of this area so long ago, and until today, and it has been visited by many people. Knowing it had a special meaning, we prepared it as a tourist attraction. We worked hard to make sure that the stories of its history, its traditions, were preserved. Slowly, we started to introduce it to our countrymen and people from abroad and make them familiar with an old structure. Our greatest challenge is the skies.

The building is unique in the province its construction having been ceased long ago in southwest Iran.

Tourists are conscious of change after they visit our area. They get better and clearer ideas about the locals and their ways of life. Many tourists from abroad prefer to find residence here instead of five star hotels. We are glad that sustainable tourism is developing in this area.

Tourists’ satisfaction is our best happiness. Our goal is to be friendly to them so that they can rest and enjoy their visit.

Ali Heydari, Islamic Republic of Iran

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