‘Mano Cambiado’ Corporation in Colombia

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Josefina Klinger is part of the ‘Mano Cambiado’ Corporation, a non-profit that helps to develop the Chocó province of Colombia.

Mano Cambiado actively forms strong multi-stakeholder partnerships with local communities and state institutions, including the tourism ministry and National Parks of Colombia, in order to improve the tourist experience in Chocó and the welfare of Chocó’s communities.

Key Mano Cambiado projects have involved environmental conservation and social work in national parks.

In 2008, Mano Cambiado was made the tourism administrator of the Utriá National Park, in recognition of its dedication to constructive cooperation with public authorities, communities and local service providers.

Mano Cambiado is an inspirational, community-led organization: it uses its resources to support youth, strengthen local cultural identity, enhance the relationship of tourists and communities with nature, and promote strong communication and shared benefit investments in Chocó.

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