Al Yarmouk trail Project

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By Kings’ Road Association

General objective: Development and rehabilitation of the appropriate environment of domestic tourism management in the North.

Specific objectives:

  1. Integrating local communities especially women to improve the image of tourism, finding different jobs and to improve income;
  2. Managing touristic services in tourism sites;
  3. Empower women by establish legal business for them;
  4. Promote tourist areas to serve the tourism sector.

Project Strategy: The first phase of the project designed to draw a master plan for managing domestic tourism in the areas linked to different tourist programs allow the tourist to visit several places tourism (Religious -archaeological-mineral water-falls-reserves and others), select the places that will be qualified, rehabilitation in the community taking into account the integration of women in training programs, to take advantage of opportunities, which will promote awareness of tourism culture for many people in the local community, especially youth and women, civil society, also they will be trained on micro business project management, management of tourist services and waste recycling projects, in conjunction with the rehabilitation of the various sites that have been selected so they will be in collaboration with local authorities and civil society, find several facilities including parking, bathrooms services, waste management, public utilities, taking into account the needs of people with disabilities, cooperation with governor and the security services to provide first-aid services and civil defense and environmental police, establish legal business for women working in same product/ serves. At the last phase, the project will be documented in a website, to support the promotion of tourist areas and services provided by the community, and social page to reach the greatest number of visitors.

Target groups:

  • Local community in Bani Kinanah provincial – Irbid
  • Women; house wives whom looking for manage micro projects
  • Youth (especially women) whom looking for jobs

Project activities

  1. Preparation Phase
    a. Draw project plan (master plan) to identify various domestic tourism trails to take advantage of the visit several tourist sites in the area.( The region has a large number of archaeological and historical (sites UM Qais-the site of Yarmouk battle Al Shoula, Saham), environmental sites: Al Yarmouk reserve site, Al araies pool, Al Hima site as a therapeutic tourism site, in addition to rural tourism which is located across the district of farmland and farmhouses). The Yarmouk path will be linked with organization’s development tourist programs, and to implement the project activities: Al Shoula – Saham; Yarmouk reserve – Um Qais; Mokhebah- Al Himma;
    b. Selecting many appropriate locations according of criteria in cooperation with civil society and Irbid tourism Directorate and the Royal Society for the protection of nature- Yarmouk reserve and municipalities, where will adopt locations for car parking, bathrooms, services locations, waste management sites and containers places, sites for other utilities in collaboration with ranchers and land.
  2. Training phase:
    a. Enable local community, especially women to integrated in the project through:
    i. Conducting 3 training workshops for two days , each for 30 participants (both gender equality) to promote awareness of the tourism culture and communication skills;
    ii. 4 training workshops for 5 days each for 20 participants in micro business project management ( one in touristic project , recycling project management, clever agriculture, etc…);
    iii. One training workshop for selected location owners for five days on managing tourist services (hospitality-hygiene standards-food and drink-the mechanics of integrating people with disabilities);
    iv. First- Aid workshop with corporation of Civil Defense;
    v. One training workshop for three days to manage website, social networks, binding mechanisms with tourist groups to promote sites and programs, for 10 participants.
  3. Implementation phase:
    a. Contracting location owners that were selected to manage services and tourist facilities to implement these services integrate them to manage sites and we will supervise the quality standards for the services provided by them;
    b. Rehabilitate 5 old houses form ottoman period to use them as visitors center, restaurant and guest house;
    c. Rehabilitate other 6 houses to be guest houses in deferent areas in the trail;
    d. Conducting 3 sessions with formal and non-formal departments to manage domestic tourism to identify coordination mechanisms between the different actors, agree with governor to providing Civil Defense units and empowering health units and environmental Police Department units;
    e. Documenting project activities and outputs through designing and implementing special website to marketing and promoting programs and sites, linked with social network pages, Integrating trained participants to manage the website and pages and dealing with groups to bring visitors and promoting it;
    f. Project results release event, as will invite official authorities, media and civil society to visit the paths.

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