Alternative Tourism Initiative

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The Alternative Tourism Initiative (ATI) was planned within the EU Operational Program “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation” whose primarily aim was to help enterprises improve their competitiveness and grow through extroversion. With regard to the whole range of tourism enterprises (hospitality, travel agencies, food and beverage, MICE, etc.), the program aspires to boost tourism SMEs levels of competency and performance by offering goods and services of high added value, excellent quality, and visitor’s participation in a rich variety of tourism activities. The Alternative Tourism Initiative (ATI) aims at the diversification and enrichment of Greek tourism product such as the alternative forms of tourism; the promotion of natural and cultural resources with the scope of gaining revenue for the local economy; combatting seasonality and amplifying tourism demand. The initiative contributes to all five key areas expressed by International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017: it attracts investments to tourism SMEs, promotes market diversification, reinforces sustainability and reduces external burdens regarding the tourism services and activities on offer; balances visitor requirements with local needs, develops accessible infrastructure; engages tourists in efficient resource use and conservation; promotes iconic local products, strengthens links between heritage sites, local communities and businesses and encourages mutual understanding by promoting interaction between hosts and guests.

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