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Ecobnb is a journey undertaken to change the way we travel. It’s a social enterprise and an innovative start-up based in Trento (Italy) that has created an environmentally-friendly web application ( and a big network of eco-sustainable accommodations, that is now the main Italian Community of Sustainable Tourism and a growing community in Europe. is the meeting point beetween responsible travelers and sustainable accommodations that are investing in a better future (solar panels, green energy, organic and local food, sustainable mobility, waste and water reduction, etc).

The initiative aims to promote a kind of tourism that respects nature, cultural heritage and local communities.

In Ecobnb you can find ecofriendly accommodations such as bio hotels, amazing tree houses, bed & breakfast on the beaches, alberghi diffusi in old villages, organic farmhouses surrounded by nature, castles in the clouds, noemissions mountain retreats, and much more!

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