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What is Ecopassenger?

EcoPassenger raises awareness and knowledge about the environmental impacts of traveler behavior, by implementing a transparent, comprehensive and user friendly calculator. The tool is available in several languages.

This is a practical tool for travelers and decision makers to compare the environmental impacts of different transport options, including the energy used to produce the electricity or the fuel, in a «well to wheel»-perspective.

EcoPassenger is a well balanced, transparent and scientifically sound method of environmental comparisons, showing a standardized comparison of the major transport modes.

EcoPassenger provides clear understanding about the carbon footprint of each mode, essential information to develop policies on climate change impact of transport. The tool displays output results based on transparent and scientifically supported methodologies

The calculator compares the energy consumption, CO² and exhaust atmospheric emissions for planes, cars and trains for passenger transport
Fed with the best and latest available data for all modes

This tool has been developed in cooperation between the International Union of Railways, The Fondazione per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile, IFEU and HACON.

Do you want to use Ecopassenger?

You can access the tool here – and use if for free:

The tool can be also be added to any websites, free of charge, as a widget:

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