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Label ECORISMO recognizes a product, a range of products, equipment, services and other eco-supplies promoting sustainable development in the sector of the hotel business and the catering.
It is a commercial label obtained by validation of the arguments brought by the supplier.
Stretch of the Label :
• Ecological and environmental solutions in the sectors of the construction, space layout, water management, natural and sustainable energies, solar energy, waste management, eco-equipment, bio-decoration, eco-lighting, eco-textile, bio-food, green spaces, eco-management, certifications and labels, …
• Solutions contributing to improvement of the working conditions (ergonomics, risk prevention professional, musculoskeletal disorders, …)
• Solutions of accessibility to the people in situation of handicap
Why subscribing to the Label ECORISMO ?
As a supplier to hospitality and catering sector, subscribing to the Label ECORISMO brings you many benefits :
• Open to the market of the responsible tourism, rapidly expanding in the world
• Develop your sales in the sector of the hotel business and the tourism
• Benefit from a better visibility in these sectors
• Be equipped with a strong argument of communication and with a real commercial differentiation
• Qualify your product / service
• Reach the network of customers and partners of ECORISMO
• Answer the evolution of companies towards their environmental and societal responsibilities
• Join a recognized environmental approach and participate in the collective effort for the health of our planet
• Anticipate the regulations regarding environmental management and regarding sustainable development
• Value this commitment during answers to calls for tender !

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