Exploring forest-based ecotourism in Southeast Asia

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10YFP STP Portfolio: Exploring forest-based ecotourism in Southeast Asia

Korea Ecotourism Society

Republic of Korea

To meet the growing demand for forest based ecotourism, Southeast Asian destinations need responsible and well managed forest-based ecotourism programmes to minimize the potentially harmful impacts of tourism on the environment.

In response, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations – Republic of Korea (ASEANRoK) Forest Cooperation (AFoCo) developed a landmark training course on forest-based ecotourism. This course was first delivered in Sarawak, Malaysia on 30 November to 4 December 2015. It aimed at expanding knowledge on forest-based ecotourism programmes and sustainable consumption and production in tourism, sharing information and experiences on forest-based ecotourism gathered by ASEAN Member States (AMS) and RoK, and strengthening the network of forestbased ecotourism between AMS and RoK. Ecotourism Korea, a member of the 10YFP STP MAC, provided the Programme’s curriculum development and the course trainers.

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