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FairTrip is a mobile app that allows travelers to find local and authentic places while supporting the community by directly contributing to the local economy. FairTrip’s objective is to encourage and simplify the access to sustainable and direct tourism «from producer to traveler» everywhere in the world, starting by developing countries, in order to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth and contribute to world poverty reduction.

FairTrip is community-based. Anyone can share a place simply and directly through the app, or just by sending us its coordinates by email. Places will be referenced on FairTrip as long as they promote sustainable tourism for development and meet our guidelines among the following:

  • To be compatible with the cultural, natural and architectural local heritage
  • To be owned or run by people belonging to the local community
  • To employ people belonging to the local community, pay them a fair wage, and with decent working conditions
  • To give back a significant amount of its profits to the local community or use it towards actions in its favor.

Nearly 100 places – homestays, local restaurants, activities – are referenced on FairTrip so far, and it’s just the beginning.

We believe that simply by eating at a local restaurant, or staying at a local’s house, not only do you get to live an authentic and unique experience, but you directly contribute to the local economy and to improve the community’s living conditions. This is what FairTrip is all about.

If you share the same views about traveling, get the app and join the FairTrip community on fairtrip.org.

Together, let’s change the world while traveling!

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