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Green Hotels Index is born from the inner belief that there is no other way to travel than sustainable way, wherever you go – you stay and sleep green
Green Hotels Index is the source of information on the sustainable and responsible hotels of the world. We have serious commitment to delivering honest content. Thereof we not only search for green lodgings but also check carefully through various resources if they have both green philosophy and green standards, not only imitating them.
Launched a few months ago after the publication of the post on green hotels and their eco standards on that made us realized there are neither tour operators, nor websites in Poland that provide information on green lodgings.
Green Hotels Index has been created to help spreading the word on leading sustainable places within the industry. We are providing direct links to green hotels worldwide with our comments. Once having possibility we check them personally and give our broader overview on their eco standards.
Green Hotels Index is dedicated to responsible tourists, eco travellers, hotels searching for inspirations to become green, sustainability commentators, travel bloggers, or someone simply looking to keep on eco news within hotel industry. We hope all of them find heaps of helpful information and resources.
Our initiative has adopted the United Nation’s Year of Sustainability for Tourism Development to explore the theme of responsible tourism and highlight examples of best green practice within hotel industry.

Green Hotels Index can be identified as a first hand database of green lodgings of the world. What’s crucial the initiative is not gonna stop once 2017 – International Year for Sustainable Tourism Development is ending.

Visit to learn more, email us at to be put into Green Hotels Index,or become Green Hotels Index partner.

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