Green Star Hotel Program

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The Green Star Hotel (GSH) program, started in 2007 as a pilot project and currecly being a full operating program, is a perfect example of public/private, national and international cooperation that led to a tangible mechanism to support Egypt’s green transformation. GSH is a national green certification program offered to encourage Egypt’s hotels to increase their green practice, thus advancing Egypt’s sustainable tourism agenda. Through adherence to a carefully selected set of environmental and social standards, hotels receive their certification while reaping the benefits of reduced operational costs. A team of certified local and international experts guide interested hotels through a sequence of training and information support sessions leading to field audits to ensure compliance with the program standards. The validity of the GSH certification is limited to 2 years, thus allowing for periodical update of the certified hotels recorded data. The GSH program standards address directly resource efficiency through the use of maximum consumption indicators for energy and water as well as encouraging the use of renewable energy technologies, thus reducing GHG.


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