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Global Himalayan Expedition gives tourists an opportunity to travel to the remotest places and make an impact in the lives of the local communities that have been living in darkness without an access to electricity. Global Himalayan Expedition (GHE) enables the tourists to bring light through solar energy, creating a life changing moment for both the local communities as well as the tourists. Following its three step approach for reaching its aim, in 2016, GHE conducted 7 expeditions, including 132 tourists and brought light into the lives of 2000 people. Additionally, GHE engages people from the local communities to be trek guides and expedition organizers, thereby providing employment to the people. Local NGOs play a big role in mobilisation of the villagers and training them to develop capacity. The programme is crowd funded by the tourists joining for the expedition and has also formed partnerships with several organizations which send their employees to the expeditions to electrify villages. GHE project contributes to all five key ares stated by International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017: increases the incomes among the villages and villagers, involves local community to its activities and programme, eliminates more than 150 tons of CO2 emissions from the local communities, provides light and improves the conditions of the old age monastaries, so the heritage and cultural values could be maintained and promotes mutual understanding, peace and security.

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