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ImpacTrip is a tour operator which promotes responsible experiences in Portugal.

We promote unforgettable trips that combine the best of guided tours, typical restaurants and exclusive local activities with volunteering experiences in social and environmental projects which have a real impact.
Our mission is to promote different trips that make a difference.

We are social enterprise aiming at changing the way people travel. With the increasing number of people looking for alternative travel experiences to explore Europe, ImpacTrip want to be a fresh and positive option for these sustainable travellers. We really want to offer the most unique travel experiences in Portugal.

Volunteer Tourism is a new way of travelling that combines two very interesting (and at the same time odd) concepts: Tourism and Volunteering in one unique experience.

Run away from mass tourism and discover Portugal in a more authentic and meaningful way and contribute to fighting social inequality and nature depletion by volunteering in local humanitarian and environmental projects. This experience will transform simple package holidays in special experiences which give travellers a deeper and more real cultural immersion.

We won’t change the world in one day or one week but if we can change one person’s life in one day or one week it is worth trying.

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