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JourneyKind is an ethical travel platform that provides sustainable-minded travel options. We create sustainable travel guides that enable travellers to make a positive contribution through the act of travel. Members of our travel club get personalised sustainable travel itineraries. We also offer a sustainable travel consultancy service for businesses.

The multi-billion dollar travel and leisure industry can have a more positive societal and environmental impact. A significant number of people want to travel in a way that makes a positive contribution and will use the tools and resources to do so, if they are made readily available to them. People also want to support ethical businesses in their local communities. Businesses and other organisations that are prioritizing people, planet and profit aren’t always able to easily access this segment of the tourist (and local) population.

JourneyKind addresses this information and connection gap, between to profile and celebrate sustainably-minded businesses for travellers/locals who seek unique experiences, in line with their values, that have a positive impact on issues they care about.

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