Magma Geopark

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Magma Geopark is a unique geological area consisting of the municipalities of Bjerkreim, Lund, Eigersund, Sokndal and Flekkefjord located in south-west Norway. Magma Geopark is a perfect place to enjoy outdoors while learning about the geology and culture around. The Geopark is a large area of approx. 2320 km2 which you can visit all year round.

The area is called geopark because the geology in Magma Geopark is rather special; here you can see a moon landscape composed by very hard modeled rocks called anorthosite. The geology with lunar landscape has influenced the culture and living in the area for centuries.

We are proud to be a member of the Global Geopark Network supported by UNESCO (2010) and revised with a green card in 2014. Magma Geopark AS was rewarded with Rogaland Tourism Prize in September 2015.

In Magma Geopark we have successfully concluded the GEOfood project that involves local producersand Geoparks from Iceland, Finland, Norway and Denmark. We have been working hard with local producer to set criteria for developing food choice connected with tourism practices inside the Geopark borders. The idea is to connect the geology with the local product, explaining the connection between certain phenomena and the quality of raw material in the Geoparks.

The brand is having success in the European Geopark Network and will create job opportunity and sustainable practices linked with tourism around Europe.

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