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A group of friends, with different career paths but linked by a common passion for wine, gastronomy, good food, sustainable tourism, that have joined forces to give life to Officine Turistiche. Food and wine tours, winery visits, cooking classes, food shopping, wine tasting, hiking in the vineyards, cycling tours, visits to cities of art and much more, this is Officine Turistiche. Check out our selection and let yourself be guided through history and culture of our country, search for your favorite activity or contact us and we’ll tailor an off the beaten track experience for you. We believe that tourism is the key to know the area, the history and culture of our country through the products, the people who create them and the environment in which they are born.

We believe that wine and food travel is the key to exploring the territory, the history and the culture of our country, through products, the people who made them and the environment they grew in.
We think that travelling means discovering: the lands, the people, the traditions, the known and less known destinations.
We like the conscious travellers and not the quick getaway tourists.
We are curious and interested to know less known, but not any less worthy, destinations.
We think that sustainable travel means exploring outdoors by foot or by bike in close contact with nature.

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