Orangutans and Borneo’s rainforest

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Orangutan Trekking Tours and Borneo’s Green Team are working hand in hand to buy back and protect Borneo’s rainforest from illegal deforestation for palm oil. The money raised from treks and donations help the Green Team buy land from farmers before palm oil corporations do, and then regenerate them for wild and rehabilitated orangutans.

In July, Orangutan Trekking Tours will be hosting a group trek for peak season and encouraging people from all over the world to join. To encourage people to join the July Jungle trek, we’ve invited El and Lee, who together make up Travalee, a sustainable tour business based in Indonesia. You might recognise them from Survivor AU 2016!

They’ve swapped Samoa for Borneo and are ready to trek with Bain amongst wild orangutans, whilst capturing it all on their state of the art drones.

We’d like to share our trek and extend an invite to anyone looking for an incredible opportunity to explore Borneo’s protected jungle on a sustainable and unique eco trek.

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