Pescatourism: experiencing fishing and aquaculture

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Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG)

An inter-municipal body has brought fishermen, shellfish farmers and tourist operators together in the Arcachon basin to valorise and promote fisheries and aquaculture activities and products as a package of new eco-tourism offers that are also being used to help brand the area’s identity.

This project has placed local fisheries and aquaculture activities at the heart of a responsible tourism offer, affording the sector complementary sources of income and recognition for the vital contribution it makes to the territory. Through a series of working groups between the fishing and shell-fishing committees and public administrations, the project has supported the development and launch of pescatourism activities.

Actions also involve a quality charter for ensuring a coherent and quality offer for the whole area. This work was accompanied by the production and dissemination of promotional material with a common visual identity. Direct support, including training, was also provided to fishermen and aquaculture producers to start accepting tourists on board their boats.

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