Pilgrim’s Pouch

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Quality, taste and protection of our agro-food traditions, along with the beauty of our landscape and cultural heritage, are the key characteristics of a new kind of tourism on the Francigena Ways. The food element of tourism proposals is assuming growing importance to visitors, tourists or pilgrims as it affects their perception of the quality of a territory.

By involving an increasing number of producers, the «Pilgrim’s Pouch» is aimed at representing a selection of top-notch products from the Francigena Ways that includes specialities from the whole Italian section of the route.

Today, it has become a registered trade mark for food specialities of age-old tradition which feature characteristics that are of great importance to people who are used to walking, namely local production, protection of traditional food and processing techniques, suitability for ramblers’ diet, high digestibility, long preservability, naturalness, high nutritional value and excellent sensory characteristics.

Five categories of food and wine products have been identified to date, i.e. bread, cheeses, charcuterie, sweets and wine. Several producers have already joined the project since its start-up phase, and are now included in the «Pilgrim’s Pouch» Register.

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