Put ‘n’ Take: a recreational fishery

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Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG)

This “put and take” fishery offers an easy way for families and friends to experience Danish sea fishing in a safe and accessible
environment where, in addition, the catch is guaranteed.

This innovative activity has improved the area’s tourist offers while creating a new market for local fish via a unique collaboration between a local aquarium, a fishmonger and local fishermen.

Part of the coast in this project has been closed off and continuously stocked with locally caught live fish, such as plaice, turbot and cod, for recreational fishing. The three different project partners – a tourist operator, local fishermen (who supply the live fish) and a fishmonger – have diversified their income by selling fishing tickets, fishing tackle and bait as well as refreshments and light snacks.

Amenities on the beach include a small cottage, tables, waste bins and benches where visitors can take shelter and rest. And, when catches are disappointing, families are still guaranteed fish on their table in the evening because if they don’t catch anything they can still go to the local fishmonger and get one free plaice per angler.

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