Qhispikay Eco Lodge

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Qhispikay, in quechua language means FREEDOM, it´s being true, a little crazy and deeply united with your own soul, a responsible freedom with oneself and with others.
In Qhispikay we are creating a sustainable glamping, with many ecological practices and in a close relationship with Mara´s communities in Cusco region. Our goal is to inspire others to follow their own freedom, to follow their heart, encouraging people to be a change maker.
Qhispikay is going to be a replicable business model that others can copy in many other places, here we are going to give our know how, brand and constant advice. Like a franchise but for free, in order to work together with people that wants to do a positive change in their influence area, like a big community.
We believe that if you inspire and give the tools to the ones that want to be change makers but don’t know how, the impact to change life´s of the less fortunate and to change life styles of the most fortunate is going to be potential.

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