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A few kilometres outside the regional hub city of Musanze, cultural tourism is flourishing in northern Rwanda.

“Where cultural tourism leads to community development” is the mission statement painted above the reception desk at Red Rocks Rwanda, a hostel, campsite and cultural centre in Nyakinama village.

Red Rocks connects tourists with local women’s cooperatives for authentic cultural experiences that directly benefit local communities. Tourists and guests at the hostel participate in basket weaving, banana beer making, and home stays lead by the women of one of five cooperatives. By providing a liaison between visitors and the women from Nyakinama and surrounding villages, Red Rocks Rwanda creates a way for locals to earn a sustainable income and for travellers to have unforgettable immersion experiences.

Red Rocks also provides a space for the women to market their handicrafts to hostel guests. Colourful grass baskets, pottery, and jewellery are available for purchase, with 100% of the price paid going to the woman’s cooperative.

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Video: Pauline, president of the Abagaruramuco basket weavers cooperative, discusses the impact that cultural tourism and Red Rocks Rwanda have had in her life.

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