Responsible Tourism Guideline

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Responsible Tourism Guideline created with very common but very effective tips that can educate larger group of people, especially travelers/tourists who can learn more about cultural and environmental sensibilities. And how can they reduce negative impacts in the region they are visiting and how they can make positive impact while they are traveling in Kutch, Gujarat.

To make this happen we printed banners and circulated among local villages, businesses, artisans’ houses and few public places where the number of visitors (tourists / travelers) is highest. These banner (Responsible Tourism Guideline) speaks on behalf of us (People of Kutch) especially those who are benefiting from tourism industry but to sustain the flow of tourists without making adverse effects on local environment, culture and economy. These banners are stressing some very basic but very important tips that many visitors (travelers/tourists) may ignore if not reinforce time to time.

We hope this simple and cost effective initiative will help us shape the Sustainable Tourism.
Thanks you.
Kuldip Gadhvi and People of Kutch, Gujarat.

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