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The case study aims to set up an innovative holistic methodology, which is able to shape and drive tourism development ensuring attractiveness, growth and sustainability. The project involves countries of the Mediterranean basin and ensures a sound implementation of its activities in the area, as well as integration of relevant EU/Mediterranean policies and strategies. By improving the scientific knowledge and cooperation of the municipalities, tourism departments, hotels, restaurants and etc. and surpassing structural gaps underlying their capacity building, the project hopes to support sustainable tourism development. Private and public stakeholders can use this knowledge and create new tourism products and policies. The study has defined clear indicators and variables for achieving its results, those are: output variables, anthropic capital variables, economic capital variables, environmental capital and variables regarding social and institutional capital. Collected data and information on methodology was shared with partners, local stakeholders were met. The case study is related to all five key areas promoted by International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017: addresses issues of sustainable development by improving analytical tools and providing solutions; promotes equal employment opportunities for all and the outcomes of the project could lead to local and regional socio-economic development; the project is in favour of green tourism and aims to establish a framework for new, more protective and environmentally friendly policies; cultural values, diversity, local heritage and UNESCO sites are advertised and gainedmore visibility. The results of the case study are shared and spreaded to the local communities among Mediterranean area, collaboration is enhanced and the regions, together, are aiming for development.

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