Sustainable Tourism Packages to Discover Aljarafe

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The Commonwealth of Development and Development of Aljarafe, will present on July 25 at 11:30 am, in the House of the Province of Seville, the project «Asómate to the Balcony of Seville. Tour Packages To Discover Aljarafe «.

The project, co-financed by the Provincial Council of Seville and the Aljarafe Commonwealth, seeks to fill the void of tourism centered on the Aljarafe and enable the tourist to consume it in an organized way, through the hiring of excursions and packages.

The Aljarafe, has valuable tourist resources, practically unknown by the local population, as well as by the inhabitants of Seville capital and the tourist in general, for this reason, through the design and the diffusion of the new tourist products, it is expected To arouse the interest of potential consumers and generate tourist movement towards the municipalities of Aljarafe. For this purpose, three tour packages and six excursions have been designed, making it possible to carry out one-day tourist itineraries, as well as two-day and one-night getaways.

The themes of the new tourism products revolve around the Heritage, History and Nature of Aljarafe.

It is important to note that, on the occasion of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism, packages and excursions have been designed from the start taking into account sustainability criteria, with the idea that the product complies with the guidelines set by the International Tourism Organization, benefit the local population, the economy and respect the environment, traditions and local culture.

Likewise, the Commonwealth has wanted to go further and has measured the carbon footprint of each of the tour packages and excursions; That is to say, the emissions of CO2 that would be generated to the atmosphere per person, through the development of each one of the tourist activities designed.

All participating companies have been committed to measuring their environmental impacts and controlling them, offering information to their clients to collaborate in the achievement of objectives. The restaurants will offer menus designed with local seasonal products and an adequate proportion of the different foods, in order to reduce the carbon footprint, and favor local products. The dishes will be traditional, protecting the gastronomic culture. Transport companies will control their fuel consumption and conduct efficient driving courses, etc.

To date, there are no tourist products on the market that integrate the carbon footprint and offer this information to the consumer, so these products designed by the Association of Aljarafe are pioneers in the world and open a new path. The initiative may generate a positive inertia encouraging companies in the sector to measure and incorporate their carbon footprint, giving the consumer the option of being able to take into account the value of the carbon footprint, when deciding to consume One product or another.

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