Synergy for Sustainability

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Synergy for Sustainability
The Sustainable Landscapes Consortium of the Rainforest Alliance

“The jungle is what gives us life,” shares Tomas Grefa, a member of the San Victoriano Cuyabeno local community in the Ecuadorian Amazon. “It is full of medicines, it’s like a pharmacy. We have everything – plants, food. We have always lived off the jungle.” This “jungle pharmacy” is in fact the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve in eastern Ecuador, one of the most fragile and biodiverse ecosystems in the country and one of the few protected areas in the world. Teeming with life, the 603,380 hectare-wide Amazonian paradise encompasses eight macroecosystems that include coffee-colored rivers, expansive lakes and lush rainforests. It is also home to 580 species of birds and a remarkable number of unique wildlife native to the region, including endangered species such as Amazon dolphins and manatees.

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