The Coron Initiative

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10YFP STP Portfolio: Mobilizing stakeholders to preserve marine and coastal ecosystems in the PhilippinesThe Coron Initiative of the Society for Sustainable Tourism and Development

Coron Island is one the fastest developing prime tourist destinations in the Philippines, thanks to its rugged natural beauty and vibrant underwater attractions. As part of the archipelagic province of Palawan, proclaimed as a Man and Biosphere Reserve in 1990, Coron Island’s Natural Biotic Area is currently on the Tentative List for inscription in UNESCO’s World Heritage List.
Tourist arrivals to Coron have more than doubled in the past five years, reaching 178,000 in 2016 according to the Coron Municipal Office. The exponential increase of tourism, coupled with booming economic activity over recent years, have called for sustainability initiatives to prevent environmental consequences and bolster economic and infrastructure development. These initiatives, along with continuous government support and multi-stakeholder coordination, have played a critical role in promoting Coron Island´s development, particularly as reconstruction efforts after the devastating impacts of Typhoon Haiyan in November 2013.

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