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Tourism development and promotion particularly, sustainable domestic tourism promotion is very much at the nascent stage in Ghana. This therefore calls for innovative, holistic and high leverage strategies to induce a paradigm shift. The Country “SIDE” (Social, Intercultural and Diversity Excursions) provides an ethical, conscientious and impactful pulsating, unique and life changing off-the-beaten-paths tours meant to elevate passions, commitments and excitement for sustainable domestic touristic outdoor leisure and recreation. This is an ever enduring, experience, active and healthy lifestyle nature and adventure tours to spectacular ecological, wildlife, nature, biodiversity, water, marine, flora and fauna sites and attractions within Ghana.
The Country “SIDE” goes to lesser known attractions and sites especially those located in deprived communities purposefully for public education, sensitization and awareness creation about these lesser known attractions and sites, and as well as developmental challenges facing those communities and people. The country “SIDE” is also a grassroots initiative to create a formidable platform for tourism inspired diversity management, teamwork, social and intercultural communication skills development that helps to foster communal peaceful coexistence, mutual respect, understanding, safety and security.
On the basis of our Social Enterprise (SE) philosophy, principles, passions and commitments, The Country “SIDE” further involves organization of training, capacity building, information dissemination, public education and sensitization on critical developmental issues including and not limited to sustainability, environmental protection, climate change, unemployment, poverty, income generation, livelihoods improvement, corruption, human rights, human trafficking and migrants smuggling. We strongly believe this helps to elevate grassroots consciousness, responsive and awareness relative to such critical social, cultural, humanitarian, economic, safety, security, democratic and political development challenges, whilst creating the leverage for solving these critical developmental challenges.

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