The millennium tuna route

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Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG)

Over 100 local companies (fishing and processing companies, restaurants, tourist operators…) as well as two natural parks have been brought together to build a series of different tourist packages along the coast of the Cadiz Straights in Spain With high unemployment in the area and a struggling fishing sector, Cádiz Estrecho FLAG has invested in promoting its fishing heritage – and in particular its traditional “almadraba” tuna fishing activity – as a unique selling point to attract quality tourism beyond the peak season.

It has worked with local fishing organisations, fish auctions and processing companies to develop different guided tours and workshops of these traditional activities and package and promote them as part of a comprehensive offer of tourist activities, nature sites and cultural and gastronomic experiences. A website has been developed to present this diverse tourism offer of the Cadiz Straights and both local and international tourist operators mobilised to discover and promote the so called “millennium tuna route”.

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