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Each year, an estimated 30,000 Nepalese girls are tricked, coerced, abducted or willingly sold by their families into sexual slavery of forced labor. These girls, often aged from 14-21 years old, have little to no education or employment opportunities. They live in remote rural villages in Nepal before they are trafficked into big cities in and out of India. There, they are forced to work as prostitutes in brothels or enrolled in forced labor until they are too sick to work, which is when they are left to die in dangerous city streets. Months or years later, some of these Nepali women are rescued, escape and somehow manage to survive.

SASANE was established in 2008 by former female victims of human trafficking on the principle that survivors can create social change. SASANE’s approach is original, innovative and impactful; the organization is empowering women survivors by training them to become certified paralegals.

These paralegals provide free of charge education and awareness training to schools and remote villages where girls are most vulnerable and in risk of human trafficking. SASANE’s Sisterhood of Survivors (SOS) program leverages and supports vulnerable community’s innovative, grassroots effort to empower human trafficking survivors by training them to become trekking and tour guides and successful hospitality staff, so they can have access to the resources and gain economic benefits of the rapidly growing tourist industry in Nepal.

SASANE women are leaders in engaging and empowering their local communities through education, tackling their immense potential to combat the exploitation of Nepalese women and create social change.

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