The Traveler’s Scavenger Hunt

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Discover the sustainable side to every destination while having fun with friends and strangers – and winning prizes! HI USA believes the only way to travel is responsibly, and that best travel experiences connect us to the local community and each other.

Throughout 2017, HI USA is rolling out 5, 4-week scavenger hunts, inspired by the UN World Tourism Organization’s 5 Tips for a Responsible Traveler, based on the content developed by the World Committee on Tourism Ethics and the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, to spread sustainable-minded travel around the world. This free, app-based game can be played virtually any city across the globe, and prizes are awarded to the top scorers for each game.

Visit for more information, or download the Goose Chase app and search for «Pack Your Impact.»

How to Play


  1. Download the free GooseChase app from the app store. [iPhone OR Android]
  2. Create a login for yourself using your Facebook account or email. Search for the game, “Pack Your Impact” and click on it. It’s recommended that each person creates a login, because only one prize will be awarded per entry.
  3. Once in the game, you’ll see a variety missions to accomplish by submitting a video, photo, or text response. To complete one, select it from the list and hit the «Snap Evidence» button. In order to earn the points, it must be clear you have completed the mission.
  4. While points are automatically awarded upon submission, they may be removed without warning upon review, so make sure the photos are awesome and accurate. And pay attention to Bonus points!
  5. You can join the game at any time during the designated period. Points reset for each game, and you can join 1 game or all 5!



Game 1: Honor Your Hosts and Common Heritage
May 15 – June 19

Game 2: Protect Our Planet
June 26 – July 31

Game 3: Support the Local Economy
August 7 – September 11

Game 4: Be an Informed Traveler
September 18 – October 23

Game 5: Be a Respectful Traveler
October 30 – December 4

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