The trail of the Holy Family in Egypt

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The project consists of 25 landmarks, distributed among 3 phases and is assigned to affect a vast geographical area throughout Egypt. Most areas are remote and in great need for development and guidance. Cities like Minya and Assiut which are very closed communities and where citizens mostly suffer from poverty and culturally mislead, are introduced to cultural dialogue and peace as being able to foster spiritual and cultural respect among and between people. Towns with religious sites will benefit from the movement created by tourists to become more developed and more comfortable on an economic level. Arts and crafts related to this kind of tourism will get a chance to be further developed, socio-cultural impact will lead to creating job opportunities and will enhance local businesses’ quality and opportunities. A related development in terms of accommodations, infrastructure and service will contribute in the overall economy of the country. The management and planning of tourism development should create a strategy oriented to market the product and to enhance its competitiveness. Heritage sites and cultural monuments, particularly religious ones, should be treated as a subject of conservation management.


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