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United Artisans of Kutch (UAK) is a dream team of local artisans of Kutch, Gujarat and a collaboration of like-minded, free spirited, creative, generous contributors and promoters who believe in making small but positive changes in the world by investing their skills, knowledge, time, money, ideas, sharing contacts and most of all their invaluable love and respect for the people of Kutch. 🙂

Kutch is the home of some of the traditional textiles & handicrafts that have been practiced by local communities for hundreds of years and have evolved over time and today it is booming with new opportunities since the world has started taking a U-turn to handmade, hand printed, natural dyes, supporting small businesses and now it is also very fashionable and trendy.

Kutch came into light after the earthquake of 2001 and thanks to local Non Governmental Organisations who helped these arts and craft makers to develop and promote their crafts. They took them to national and international market and as a result some of the local artisans are now successful businessmen, dealing globally and have made a fortune within one decade. However, there are still some artisans who are not recognised or supported enough to reach their potential or who are still out of the reach of visitors. Also some who are not capable enough to understand complex commercial world and find the right people and place they deserve. Often the consumers (buyers) are pulled towards big businesses, organisations, brands or labels and that directly affects smaller artisans on the ground. «UAK» is a unique platform to promote these artisans’ families that the world didn’t know much about.

Each of these artisans have a common dream and this dream is «To design and create their products and sell straight to customers».

Thanks again to UAK supporters, promoters and contributors, who made this possible by contributing their time, knowledge, skill, money and positive energy in to the project and helping these artisans achieve their dreams 🙂

To know more about these Artisans, check out tab «Artisans» or for any other inquiry please email us on unitedartisansofkutch@gmail.com

Thank you!

*The Project «UAK» is one step towards «UN International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development»

Be The Change : The purpose is not only to sell directly to the customers but also to make them aware about our history, lifestyle, circumstances and how to produce these crafts. Also the time and the natural resources it takes, the social and economical challenges we are facing and how we are dealing with them and how we’re growing together.

Made with Love : Handwoven products are far more appealing than machine made. It’s all about «Human Touch».
UAK is for those who know the value of personalised touch.

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