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Village Monde is a charitable international organization whose mission is the promotion and the development of a network of communities based destinations, in the world’s most remote and isolated villages. We support the development of village tourism by promoting accommodations in villages situated outside of the traditional tourist circuits, while respecting the environment and local populations. Our collaborative platform is now offering 70 ethic community based tourism destinations in 23 countries. Our aim is to reach 500 sustainable accommodations on our platform in 2020. We would like to invite all the responsible travellers to share with us their discoveries and to visit some of our communities in 2017.

As a consequence of your visit and stay in these village accommodations, you will contribute directly to the local economy and bring sustainable benefits to the host communities. We work to connect travellers and remote communities and give them the tools and the visibility they need to welcome more ethic travellers. Because all these communities have so much to share and deserves that you leave the beaten path to reach them.
Our way to work:
VILLAGE MONDE has introduced an accreditation process and label for each destination that values:
Quality of accommodation and amenities;
Quality and protection of the environment;
Quality of the welcome, authenticity, and sharing;
Change of scenery, accessibility, and remoteness;
Potential activities and sharing of village activities;
Benefits for the village;
Autonomy, pride and equity.

All accommodations or destinations meeting the Village Monde criteria’s are put freely on our collaborative platform.

To become friend of Village Monde and travel to sustainable destinations in remote areas of the world, visit us :

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Read the article “Je partage, tu partages, ils récoltent!” (in French)

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