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Villages Nature Paris aims to lead the way in reconciling large-scale tourism with the pressing need for sustainable development. It recognizes that leisure activities do not necessarily need to result in the waste of resources or energy, and that the tourist industry provides an excellent opportunity to positively impact the environment and local economy. The project focuses on responding to the challenges of the 9 Planetary Boundaries (a framework that defines a safe and just space for humanity that will allow sustainable economic development within the limitation of the 9 Planetary Boundaries: Climate Change, Ocean Acidification, Nitrogen/Phosphorus overloading, Fresh Water Resources, Land Use Change, Biodiversity Loss, Chemical Pollution, Aerosol Loading and Ozone Depletion). Villages Nature has committed to operate on renewable energy from day one of operations of the resort (energy efficient appliances, provides incentives to favor low-carbon travel options, zero car site from day one and others). The project will not only operate as a net carbon zero resort, it will actually be reducing carbon use by providing renewable energy to existing theme parks and hotel that will then not use as much CO2. The project promotes restaurants and shops with local and organic products from farmers’ markets, buildings with green roofs, fresh water resources and the reduction of water use by more than 15% by using rain water in pools and for fire prevention. The project also owns buildings of 100% certified wood, promises to have zero impact for 72 protected species onsite, organizes interactive games about gardening and biodiversity, creates theme gardens and an organic farms. Additionally, any kind of chemical pollution is avoided and guests are educated on waste management, local economy is supported through procurement, promotion of local employment. The Villages Nature project is a case study providing evidence that sustainable tourism of the future can be designed to meet the challenges of living sustainably and with justice within the limits of the 9 Planetary Boundaries.

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