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The philosophy behind this kind of sustainable tourism is based on the fact that more and more people these days, particularly families, attempt and eventually manage to break free of jobs, bills and school and discover freedom. Have more fun, connect more as family, earn online and live more on less cash. They are called digital nomads due to the independent lifestyle and remote job locations, that modern communication technology offers through the world wide web. This has created an enormous change in the norm of touristic market as the unique features of this group of people have to be taken into account when planning marketing strategies for touristic sustainable development. Actually, it is this group that has the capacity to support sustainable choices in terms of integration with local communities and care for natural resources and the environment.

The mentality that preoccupies digital nomads lifestyle is one that embodies inherent qualities that preserve and nurture freedom of education, by choosing self directed learning curves for the younger members of their families. This fact may prove the key factor to the development of temporary or even permanent eco-communities, based on the extended family principle as it is implemented in the collaborative attitude of solidarity building among the members of such a community. Sharing ideas, practices and insights as well as tools and resources forms the foundation of this kind of nomadic community and as a result it may support local businesses and the economy in a local scale, if it is offered the opportunities to integrate.

We have been working for one year, preparing and organising special events for worldschooling families in the region of Lakonia in Greece, offering a structure that allowed self directed learning to take place, through visits to major sights and experiences like olive harvesting and tasting plus hiking and guided cycling tours. Our aim is to extend this kind of touristic proposal to more people and engage the local community in all aspects as far as agrotourism is concerned but tailored to this special group of nomadic lifestyle tourists.

We plan to create several events like seminars and workshops, as well as public talks and screenings that will facilitate all the groups involved in various ways and paths. One of these paths is the exhibition of good practices towards sustainable tourism.

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