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10YFP STP Portfolio: Bringing international SCP goals closer to rural realities – Africa!Ignite’s WOWZULU initiative offers a sustainable community tourism model for South Africa

In the KwaNzimakwe community on a mountain in KwaZulu-Natal, on the East coast of South Africa, tourists are guided past a natural spring to meet a local elder who shares stories about the area’s history and culture. Here, they can pick vegetables in an organic garden, meet a local “Sangoma” or traditional healer, and walk across grasslands to a viewing site that looks out across a wide stretch of coastline.

These immersive encounters not only enrich the tourist experience in KwaNzimakwe, they also usher in economic and social benefits for the rural community thanks to WOWZULU, a community-based tourism initiative of the nonprofit rural development agency Africa!Ignite. Implemented in partnership with the South African National Department of Tourism and Better Tourism Africa, WOWZULU’s goal is to generate income for community tourism enterprises on the doorstep of popular tourist destinations by linking them to the wider tourism offer of the destination.

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