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For more than 20 years YCI has been the hotel industry’s leading independent employability programme helping disadvantaged young people access skills and training. YCI empowers the hotel industry to support disadvantaged young people (including survivors of human traffickig) through skills and employability training, thereby boosting local economies. During a six months programme students experience up to 15 hotel departments where they gain hands-on training and learn work and life skills in a classroom-based environment. YCI currently works with 11 international hotel groups (Marioutt, IHG and etc.) to transform the lives of disadvantaged young people in 16 countries and 26 locations across Europe, Middle East and Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific. As part of its growth strategy, YCI has built partnerships with global non-profit organisations including Plan International, World Vision and SOS Children’s Villages. To date, more than 4,300 young people have successfully graduated from the programme. YCI contributes to inclusive and sustainable economic growth, social inclusiveness and povety reduction, mutual understanding between the hotel’s guests and the graduates of the programme.

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