Bali Water Protection



Bali, Indonesia

Organized By

IDEP Foundation

Type of institution




Specific site/destination



Resource efficiency, environmental protection and climate change

Lines of actions

Advocacy and awareness raising

Type of activity

Development/adjustments of policies, strategies and practices (governments and companies) to enhance the role of sustainable tourism for development

Estimated outreach/impact of your activity

Resilience of freshwater in Bali

Any other information on estimated impact

Restoration of the depleted aquifers of Bali province and increased education and awareness of tourism actors and the population toward sustainable water management

Target group

General public

BALI – “The Islands of the Gods” is a paradise loved by people worldwide, blessed by a wonderful culture dedicated to arts & spirituality, abundant natural treasures of mountain jungles and rivers, stunning beaches, fertile volcanic soils, and once abundant fresh water.

Nowadays, Paradise is under threat. The immense development boom of the last 20+ years – that now caters to over 10.16 Million+ foreign & domestic tourists – has resulted in a dramatic water crisis that is not being addressed at the moment. Ironically, if more than 60% of the freshwater is used by the tourism industry, its actors do very little about it

Bali’s watersheds are drying at an alarming rate, mostly due to over-extraction. Yet, Bali is one of the few islands in the world blessed by heavy rainfall and theoretically receives enough water from the rainy season to fulfill its present and future needs. Thus, rainwater only needs to be harvested to balance its consumption, and sustain an annual growth in millions of tourists visiting the popular holiday island.

Bali is facing a decrease of its water tables levels as well as saltwater intrusion into freshwater aquifers due to excessive extraction of water. Bali’s freshwater pollution is also growing at an alarming rate due the illegal trash disposal and excessive use of chemical for agriculture farming.

Despite all the threats to Bali’s freshwater, we are thrilled to know how to impulse positive change!

The Bali Water Protection Program (BWP) proposes to impulse freshwater resilience and good tourism practice throughout the province through 3 subprograms/
=> Aquifer Recharge – “Adopt A Well”:
Despite all the threats to Bali’s freshwater, we are thrilled to know how to impulse positive change!
BWP will harvest rainwater by the construction of 136 recharge wells ensuring rapid freshwater replenishment on the main island of Bali, and also on the nearby sister islands of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan Nusa Ceningan – also in Bali province.
The island’s topography is ideal to facilitate collection and ensure the island’s supply of water for the centuries to come. How wonderful would the be to collect what nature provide to us: helping nature help itself!

=>Education – “Adopt A River”:
There is nothing more powerful than educating the next generation. While the current one can act now, the future of Bali’s river heavily depends on what schoolkids will learn. Thus, BWP will ensure that the water quality itself will improve thanks to educational programs targeting schools located alongside the rivers.

=> Media campaign – “Adopt Water”:
BWP will participate in raising general awareness about how precious water is, what the current situation is like, and how important it is to reduce the water consumption.

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